Tea Talks: Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee!

Here’s my take on ” Seeking Redemption ” by Madhu Vajpayee.

The genre being Realistic Fiction . . . the story reveals the reality about life.
The plot revolves around Meera Mishra who is a medicine graduate. Her simple middle class life goes through a lot of ups and downs; when her paths meet the path of Aman Sharma, a P.G senior.
The story deals with the turmoil in Meera’s living when she is pulled into a conflict which wasn’t even related to her , her suffering because of the filth fattened up in the hearts of the corrupted doctors in authority and caste based politics.
Aman Sharma and Abhay Bharti, the two men who leave their footprints in her journey. One with her and the other away from her.
You just need to read and find out who is who.
In the beginning of the book, thete is a debate about educational system being based on merit or reservation. The readers will be able to relate to it because that’s the current issue, whether we should be paying for something our ancestors did generations ago or is it time for it to stop .
The prologue creates the anticipation in the reader as he/she will stick to the end to find it out. The story is not predictable at all – making it a postive aspect.

Ratings – 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The fact that Meera is in love with Aman is confusing, because how Meera developed feelings for him was never mentioned.
Despite being the re-edited version, the book does have errors.
The book at its start gives hope to the reader that the book has a cause, it isn’t just a story about a girl, it is much more than that. Alas, it is just the story of the girl, beautifully written though.

Quotes – 
* Life is like a colour changing chameleon, scary one moment and lovable the next.
* Bright and talented students can come from any segment or caste of society and they should be nurtured equally.
* If roots are strong, noone can stop the tree from growing.
* Poverty doesn’t know caste.
* System is too busy in formulating the laws that are never enforced or the policies that are simply divisive instead of creating positive changes in society. And the irony is that individual is losing while system wins everytime.


Banaja Prakashini.

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