Tea Talks: S.O.A.R – Success Over Adversity Reigns! by Abir Mukherjee!


Title: S.O.A.R – Success Over Adversity Reigns!

Name of the Author: Abir Mukherjee

Place of Publication: Bandra (East), Mumbai, India

Publisher: Frog Books (An Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.)

Date of Publication: 29th May 2015

Number of Pages: 162 Pages

ISBN: 978-93-52013-24-7

Genre: Fiction

Book Editor: Cora Bhatia

Design Editor: Mishta Roy



“Frustrated with their current jobs, Uday, Adhyayan, and Rajasekaran team up to start an innovative business, non-existent in India until then. Ignoring all pragmatic aspects of life, they chase their dreams with immense pleasure. However, their journey is no cakewalk, as they confront financial crisis and rejections soon. Uday plays a business trick to triumph over that uninfluenced market; it works initially, but soon boomerangs, blowing the team apart. The police arrests Uday accusing him of illegal activity by his organization. Were there any blemishes in their plan or was it just a typical Indian market, reluctant to accept an un-experimented concept? Will they be successful in implementing their innovation, staking their hard earned money, stable jobs, relationships, and life ‘S.O.A.R is the story of chasing a dream, quandary between desire and responsibility, friendship and love. Join the gutsy journey of three young entrepreneurs. ”



A good house, a life partner with a beautiful soul who would make that house a home – who stays with you in every ups and downs of life, a few close friends and a job that makes enough money to survive in this world is all we need. But three things that we miss amidst of all this are Dreams, Contentment and Peace.

When we are younger, we set goals to reach our Dreams. As we grow up, Money Replaces Dreams. We start plotting our life to earn more money than knowledge. I don’t deny that it is the most essential element of survival but it isn’t the only necessary element, is it? Why do we start ignoring our family to work some extra hours? So that they can bath in those green notes? Sometimes, we get so indulged in oneself that we forget when our loved ones expect from us. If it is a family that is truly in love with members, I bet their priorities include love, care, affection and the time they give to each other.

Perhaps, we fail to understand this until someone punishes us for the act we do.

Uday had always been dreaming of running his own business and so, he leaves his job and gives all his time to fulfil his dreams. Raja and Adi promise to help him in his venture, part-time. Dreams have wings. They fly. Chasing them, bringing them down, stepping on them and flying with them takes time. There will be hurdles but you have to walk past them. Uday being so lost in himself starts acting weird which results in Raja and Adi leaving the partnership. Sneha is my personal favourite because I would want to be that courageous and free one day. Shristi shows why love is important and why is it impossible to live without it. Raja finally succeeds and comes out of the hold of his family, though, it took hurting them…a little. Adi and Uday learn the lesson, too.

The book teaches one how to live life in a better manner even after the author has clearly mentioned that he has no intention of teaching so and that he writes just to entertain people. *wink wink*

The book was entertaining plus knowledge-giving.

There are very few errors in the book – some typos, some editing mistakes.

The book cover could have been vibrant. The title misses a period mark but it is a very thoughtful name.

My favourite lines are –

“Sometimes I need to walk away, not to make you realize how worthy I am, but for me to understand and acknowledge my self-worth.”

Cover Ratings – 3.5/5

Title Ratings – 4.5/5

Editing – 4.2/5

Story-line – 3.8/5

Overall Ratings – 3.8/5



Shivani Shah

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