Tea Talks: No Time To Pause by Pavithra Ramesh!

Here’s my take on ‘No Time To Pause‘ by Pavithra Ramesh.



Life of a young adult is filled with joy and mystery. ‘No Time to Pause’ is a narration of a typical college student who decides to stay miles away from her family to get value education. She faces a host of challenges, encounters varied adventures and meets people who leave a tremendous impact on her life. With the college term ending, she leaves the institution not only as an academic achiever, but also a strong woman ready to face the rough world out there. She realises that life keeps moving on and there is no time to look back or regret.


A college student’s life away from home in a new place along with new people under new circumstances. The book lets us know that how a girl who follows her heart deals with the situation and how the people she meets leave their impression on her life. From making roommates turn into friends to solving the qualms among them, from dance performance to fashion walks, from concert hangouts to posh parties, she sees all the aspects and chooses what is beneficial for her. She meets someone whose life and way of thinking forces her to believe in that someone’s life philosophy.

She stumbles with opportunities but returns with experience that will help her improvise. Life away from the parental shade ,shapes her to face everything with courage.

Peep into Pari’s PG and college life and meet her friends, especially Aditi, the girl who always had a perspective different from others.

A tea-time read with a lesson to learn, to learn that life gives you no time to pause and that moving on is always appreciated.

Ratings – 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The book has a number of errors in editing and the reading becomes a bit inconvenient as the tense keeps shifting from past-participle to present and vice-versa.

The story is a bit too fast paced and slowing it a bit could have been helpful.

The language used could use a good content editor’s work as the book has essence which can be further enhanced by enhancing its language.
The book lacks much of a plot and to me, it seems like a one time read.

*Life often takes a U-turn . Well sometimes this U-turn could be through a person who comes into your life changes it’s meaning for you, inspires you , and refines your thoughts and perception.

* Simplicity is a major beauty booster.

*Commitment is easy. Prior commitment, it seems attractive, post it, it becomes a burden.

* The worst thing to do is to degrade a learner.

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini

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