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Here’s my take on Messages From The Soul World by Shobha Jain



Autowriting is purely a spiritual exercise meant for receiving messages from the soul world. I have been helping the disheartened and distressed people coming to me seeking messages from their near and dear ones who have departed from this world. I have been communicating with souls for the last over 16 years to cheer and give hope to those who genuinely seek this guidance from the soul world.


The author happens to be a well known Reiki Grand Master, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Crystal Healer, Aura Reader, Palmistry, Chakra healer , through which she has guided a lot of people.

A highly spiritual book with deals with some messages which are said to be delivered by the souls in afterlife by a method of communication known as autowriting.The non-fiction deals with personal experience and enlightenment acquired from believing in the presence of God.

Talking to souls, the idea itself is quite fascinating, each and every one of us, whether terrified of souls( in the form of ghosts of course) or not , has thought about communicating with souls for sure after being inspired from stories and movies.

The book starts with Shobha Jain writing about how she started auto-writing and how she had her first encounter with souls. She explains about auto-writing and how can it be done, she also mentions that not everyone is meant to do it, our mind should be at peace in order to be able to do it.

In the book she explains about the concept of birth and rebirth and how a person’s vows affect the cycle of rebirth.

According to the book, the souls have a different point of view about the occurrence of life on earth, the concepts of suicide, marriage, children, distribution of property, marriage in other communities, charity etc.
The book says that the souls are not intimidated by the wealth or caste of a person , it’s the fulfillment of vows that concerns them. All souls which are close to the Almighty always pray for the souls on earth to relieve them for their pains and atrocities.

The vows mentioned in the book which are to be fulfilled by a person in order to be at peace even after death are duties which a person has towards his family and near and dear ones, the book encourages the act of service towards one’s family.

The book is a must read for people who seek spiritual enlightenment and want to be close to the Almighty by prayers.

Ratings – 3.8 out of 5 stars

Quite a lot of errors in editing. The language used in the book though refined could have been improved.
The book could have been better had there been mention of cases of auto-writing with souls who hadn’t been born as Hindus during their life on earth, this could have made the book available for the interests of a high number of people who follow different religions.
The book might bring about controversies because of mention of a soul saying that the prayers through a chant in Buddhism don’t reach the Almighty but by following some other specific spiritual guru the same can be done. According to me, all religions are supposed to be respected as they attach with themselves the beliefs of a good number of people , saying that the prayers through a particular chant won’t reach God is not appreciable.
Overall a good read as it brings about peace after reading it.


* From the womb to the tomb, man’s life is characterized by intense suffering and throughout one’s life , the struggle to overcome suffering goes on.

*Human form is always suspecting and soul form is always trusting.

* Even if one does not have anyone, one always has one’s spiritual guide.

* Every family has a story behind and is unique.

* Rich or poor, heart is same.

* Suicide is the worst fo of accumulating tremendous karma.

* God is so compassionate that he forgives a lot but expects us to complete our vows.

* Serve others selflessly without the thought of ego or reward. If that is difficult then charge a little so that there is no obligation of karma between giver and taker.

*Every soul on earth must have died many times, yet, there is a fear of death.

* Ego has no place in spirituality.

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini


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