Tea Talks: I Don’t Wear Sunscreen By Kavipriya Moorthy!

Here’s my take on ‘I Don’t Wear Sunscreen‘ by Author Kavipriya Moorthy.
For Laksha, life is a gift wrapped in red ribbon.
But that’s all shattered when she falls for a misogamist. His ambivalence and vacillation always keeps her at bay, turning her into a neurotic. She gets betrayed by the most credible, loses her job, feels devastated and dejected as incidents crowd upon her corrupting her naiveté. Enigmas unfold revealing every glitch.
Who will clear her blurred skies? What invigorates her career and life? Will she ever forgive her beloved? And how will Laksha survive?The story also revolves around her rapport with Pallavi, a childhood friend and the relationship she has with her silver-tongued mom. Focusing on how experiences change perception of little things, this contemporary tale gives a better meaning to friendships, relationships, solitude, pain, compassion and success.More often than not, Life drags you down to the adversities and thrusts outward to shine. It is your grit that truly matters when you reach rock bottom, and left with no choice other than to pick yourself up and leap forward, however arduous it may be!



I read the whole book within two seatings. The book showcases various emotions in one, may it be the love between two best friends, the affection between a guy and a girl, or the betrayal that one of the best friends fetch.
The story starts on a note of deep friendship between two friends – Laksha and Pallavi. They
have fun together, understand each other, and are quite affectionate towards each other. Later on they depart for higher studies, and eventually fall short of communication. Laksha here, aspires to be an interior designer and does well in her field, whereas Pallavi doesn’t acquire her desired spot in IT industry. Amidst her journey in Mumbai, she meets Sai – who helps her all the way through her ups and downs, and with the time Laksha falls for him. After joining VE enterprises, Laksha’s life starts taking twists and turns, which I would advice the readers to read themselves without revealing the story further. To be honest, Laksha is the hero of the story; not to forget that her mom shares the spot too. Her mom is the strongest character in the story (followed by Laksha – the reformed one), and ‘why is she strong?’ The author explains the reason in just few lines which makes you understand the severity behind her tigress gesture. The feelings of each and every phase of life that author has conveyed, is worth a read.
The story ends on a beautiful note, where Laksha achieves something different that she feels happy about. Whereas the epilogue makes Pallavi realize her mistakes… The book indeed glues you and is a MUST read.
4.6/5 stars from my side.

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Aniruddha B.Pathak.

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