Tea Talks: Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul!

Here’s my take on Hidden Husband authored by Shikha Kaulimage

BlurbAisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell.

Her love for Raghav is true. But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction. Aisha is a Punjabi girl from Gurgaon and Raghav a Bihari from Ranchi. Raghav’s family will certainly not accept a girl from outside their community. And yet, he continues giving her false hopes through his efforts and promises.

And then they take a step which entangles her life further.

Will she manage to come out of this quandary or must she continue to live in her self-created web? Explore her journey that makes her realise the atrocities being committed on women in the Indian society and the tough decisions she must take, keeping her most loved ones oblivious to everything happening in her life.

ReviewThe book starts with a prologue that leaves you in a confusion about the story and that’s where the author manages to pique the curiosity in the readers’ minds.

The story starts describing Aisha’s successful and smooth-running life, and next in the story, Raghav Mishra enters her life and her life changes in all perspectives. Aisha and Raghav both fall for each other in the meantime, and the story starts to take twists and turns. Falling in love, the ups and downs in it, the feeling of security and insecurities intact – are portrayed well.
Irritated by the marriage proposals being imposed on her back at home, Aisha finally reveals her relationship with Raghav in front of her parents.
Then another twist strikes Aisha’s and Raghav’s life. Raghav, in spite of knowing the opposition of his parents for the marriage, keeps on flaunting false promises to Aisha.
Amidst this all, Aisha decides to go for an arranged marriage and startled Raghav asks Aisha to marry him. The author here makes sure to narrate the feelings of the protagonists pretty good.

As the story goes ahead, twists and turns keep on coming all the way. Aisha and Raghav get married secretly and that changes the whole game. None of their families stay aware of this and Aisha needs to hide her husband – that’s what Hidden Husband is all about. The struggle of Aisha to try her best not to disclose the marriage is worth reading. Does she succeed to keep the marriage hidden or does she tells it to her parents? Or do they both depart? To know this, you need to read the book.

The author scores a point with those interview of Aisha with the God. Those are an inevitable part of the story and very well put. For example:

‘Happiness is not what you perceive. The day you stop worrying about the pains, pleasures, the future and past, you will taste the fruit of happiness. Only a free mind can be the state of a happy mind. Does a kid need a reason to be happy?’

‘Why did I meet Raghav?’

‘I give you a chance only to breeze into this world. I choose only your parents. Rest choices are all yours. Yours decisions are your fate. You are the writer of the story of your won life.’

The story indeed features many social issues being used as instances, and author has put a view of each of them.

Though these are all the strong points of the story, there are some things to watch out for as well.
The instances sometimes feel excessively used, and some of social issues been linked with the story seems unrealistic – though those feel necessary.

Sometimes the shuffling of the sequences seem rushed, and sometimes seem slow paced.

The author manages to keep the readers hooked to the story with the twists, but towards the end the story goes slow and quite monotonous, which might lose the interest of the reader.

Full marks for the narration and portrayal of feelings of the characters. Minor editing issues but negligible.

Not to forget the epilogue has a twist too.

3.8/5 stars from my side.Overall, the story offers a delightful read and is strongly recommended.

Aniruddha B.Pathak


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