Tea Talks: Hey Dad! Meet My Mom by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal!

Here’s my take on Hey Dad! Met My Mom authored by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal.
From childhood, the world in which we live, teaches us to bury our ‘bad’ past somewhere deep inside us, so deep, that even we can’t dig it back and after that just move on.
What happens when a 10-year-old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find a perfect match for his mother? What happens when eventually you start to doubt on his intentions? What happens when a girl starts to turn your dreams into nightmares? What happens when your ‘Future son’ starts to haunt you? What happens when your FUTURE starts to bleed in your PRESENT through your PAST?
‘Hey Dad! Meet My Mom!!!’ is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of comedy, fear, love and don’t forget to expect the unexpected!
Puneet Shrivastava is a 29 year old UNMARRIED guy and that is the only worry of his mother.
He falls for a girl named Myra, a stalwart yet heartwarming person and totally loses himself to her charm, captivated by her.
But everything around him changes when Puneet starts getting nightmares about a woman he possibly knew nothing about, screaming to him, to save her. Sounds erie, doesn’t it?
Rishi, a 10 year old cute little lollipop licking kid, tells Puneet that he belongs to his future, that he is his future son and has come to help him so that they find a perfect mom for him. But slowly, it would creep you out to know that it is not the entire truth. There strikes a wave of mystery.
Once you start reading, the story is going to keep you engaged because you’ll feel it has the power of hypnotism to bind you. (I read it in a go. Couldn’t keep it aside.)
The book is cooked with all the essential ingredients, comedy, suspense, emotions and love, in the right quantity, at the right time.
It gives you levelheaded LESSONS for a lifetime, like:
“Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart because the crowd may lead you to you destination but your heart will surely lead you to happiness.”
No matter how hard it gets, true love never gives up. Don’t lose faith too soon but don’t hold back too much when you know you shouldn’t.
The EPIGRAPHS like the one mentioned below, add stars to the novel.
Every night,
You wander in my dreams.
Like a fallen angel,
Subdued and serene.
Bestowed with exotic charm,
A beauty rarely seen.
Your beauty makes me fumble,
Afore you I lose my reign.
Touch me o goddess!
And take me where I’ve never been.
Lend me some purity,
Cleanse me, clean.
The suspense will blow your mind off. The twist would leave you shattered. Baffled, you would feel.
You would deny to believe that this is the debut book of the author. The editing was to the point. The story wasn’t unnecessarily dragged or cut short.
You wouldn’t want it to end.
Trust me, you won’t be wanting to keep this one unread.
4.8 stars out of 5.
Grab your copy of Hey Dad! Meet My Mom at:
Shivani Shah.

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