Tea Talks: e-Love* *Terms & Conditions Applied by Ankit Bohra!

Title: e-Love* *Terms & Conditions Applied
Author: Ankit Bohra
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Number of Pages: 144
ISBN: 9789384315184
Genre: Romance
Cover Design: The Book Bakers
About the Author:
“e-Love* *Terms & Conditions Applied” is the debut novel of author Ankit Bohra. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and secured 28th rank in his final examinations. He is currently working with one of the most renowned audit firms of the country, Ernst&Young. After spending many years of his life in Jodhpur, he moved to Ahmedabad for his Chartered Accountancy and currently resides in Bangalore for his job.
What if one day a message appears from unknown person on your phone, “Hey sweetheart”. Will it electrify you? Today technology is not only changing people but also changing the way of love but in reality true love demands more. Can true love flourish over chat or it just starts with chat and ends over chat? E-love is a teenager love saga which is about Ankit who happens to meet Akshi, and it narrates the journey of their “love” which starts with the sentence “I Love you, too”.
Love sees no distance, time, age, weight or height, we’ve all heard it, haven’t we? But it survives on the basis of loyalty, trust and truthfulness in your words and actions.
Once in a while, we all doubt, we all get jealous of the person our love is talking to or about.
In this electronic world, attraction is often misinterpreted as Love. Two words hold a giant dissimilarity, the biggest one being, Attraction doesn’t last for longer time, but Love certainly does for a lifetime.
E-Love is a simple story with no twists and turn to make you gasp but it surely gives us some clarification on love.
It is the debut novel of the author and his efforts to keep readers engaged seem sincere. It isn’t an extraordinary love story where the hero rescues the heroine but how one is rescued from the pretence of love.
If you’ve already gone through e-love or e-break up, you will instantly relate to it.
The book cover scores point. The Book Bakers have done justice to the story of the book and the suitable book cover.
The title with the astrik mark, yes, surely, terms and conditions applied.
Alert. The editing of the book definitely needs attention. It is quite poor. This may make avid readers a little uncomfortable at times, during the read.
My ratings, 3 out of 5.
Shivani Shah.


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