Tea Talks: Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused By Pravin R. Rathod!


Title: Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused

Name of the Author: Pravin R. Rathod

Place of Publication: Bandra (East), Mumbai, India

Publisher: Frog Books (An Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.)

Date of Publication: 22 June 2015

Number of Pages: 234 Pages

ISBN: 978-93-52013-19-7

Genre: Fiction


Pravin Rathod is an MBA graduate and a SAP Consultant by profession. He is also associated with an NGO named LAKSHYA: Changing lives. Apart from writing, he loves to visit new places and to lose his mind to music.



“Sometimes, life comes with more questions and less answers and sometimes with many answers for a single question… and either way you remain CONFUSED! Four friends, a tour to Goa and everyone’s secret love life is revealed. Tik, Kash, NP, and VJ takes you on such a confusing ride where each one of them remains confused about one or the other things in life. Interest? – Confusion Education? – Confusion Friendship? – Confusion Love? – Confusion Career? – Confusion Life? – Confusion… Throughout their lives, many things change but the only thing that doesn’t… is CONFUSION. Welcome to their world of confusion…”


Confusion is what we all deal with in every stage of life. We are confused about what are our interest subjects, where will it lead us to, should we uphold the family’s old traditions just for the sake of following even if it isn’t worth it or should we fight against all the odds for what we want and what we deserve, is it merely an infatuation or true love, should we hold back our feelings or let them be known, etcetera… but it all comes down to same thing – Life. What will be the ultimate outcome? Very confusing, isn’t it?

I felt something move deep inside of me after completing the book. This is probably after a very long time that a story without major twists and turns caught my interest. There is right amount of sarcasm on life, humorous dialogues, fun – just the way best buddies do it, love and romance and some teachings at the end of it.

It is a beautiful depiction of Friendship.

Stages come in your life when your memories fade, people leave without notice, you truly love someone but you lose them, old friends meet again reminiscing about golden moments spent together, you tear apart from each other planning to stay in touch but then life happens, you cry yourself to sleep and then you wake up next day with a brave smile trying to hide all the desolation, your dreams shatter, you may or may not get married to your dream man/woman, sometimes you regret, sometimes you are amazed…because no one knows what future holds in store for you.

But I learnt, Confusions are good for your decision-making process. It gives you a wide scope for addressing issues before reaching a point to agree upon.

While paragraphs like –

“I do not understand if they themselves do not believe in love and equality then why the hell they teach us to believe in it since childhood. They should have strictly told us, no, that you can love others, but from our community only, or simply they should have put a nameplate around our neck mentioning our community.”


“Interest is where you subdue your fear because at that time you are not afraid of failure anymore and it helps you in channelizing your energy onto the things which you want and not on the things which you don’t.”

…make a lot of sense and awaken a weird feeling of right and wrong…

The sentences like –

““You must be Pratik?” she said and I was like, you guessed me on the basis of my stupidity or what?”


““Whoa man! Just because I am talking about her, about her beauty, about how she invaded my mind, about how close she is to me, about how I feel for her, about how I care for her, about how I miss her, doesn’t mean I like her,” I said smiling, but I had no idea what I just said.”

…also makes it sound cute and a bit funny when you read in a flow.

There are minor editing mistakes needing correction.

The book cover is perfect and suits the picturization of events.

The title is interesting and not confusing!


Cover Ratings – 4.5/5

Title Ratings – 4/5

Editing – 3.7/5

Story-line – 3.8/5

Overall Ratings – 3.7/5



Shivani Shah

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