Musing Mic: An Interview with Sudeep Nagarkar!

Having here an exclusive interview with Sudeep Nagarkar.
Sudeep Nagarkar is a popular contemporary author of six bestselling novels:
  • Few Things Left Unsaid (2011)
  • That’s the Way We Met (2012)
  • It Started With a Friend Request (2013)
  • Sorry You’re Not My Type (2014)
  • You’re the password to my life (2014)
  • You’re Trending in My Dreams (2015)


Sudeep’s books continue to top the bestseller charts across the country since their release and have sold in lakhs. His books are inspired from real life incidents and anyone can connect with them easily. They have been translated into regional languages too.
We interacted with Sudeep through a live Facebook chat session, when he graciously agreed for an interview.
Here’s the interview that was held:
Q. Let’s start with a quickie – what did you want to grow up as when you were a child?
Harry Potter! The reasons were strange. I wanted super natural powers and a hot girlfriend like Hermione!
Q. Can you say something about your journey from being a guy with a manuscript to an author of a published book? How was the struggle?
It was and is never easy! Even after getting published, one has to struggle. To be consistent, to deliver as per expectations, to bring in something new everytime and it’s a constant battle between you, your thoughts and commercial world. I believe if one is honest with his work, he will get a publisher. The only thing he has to choose is someone who can do justice with his work. The script should be in proper hands and not what we see these days where exploitation is so high.
Q. Can you share with the readers, the names of some books and writers that inspired you?
Not without my daughter is one of my favourites. Many lives, many masters is another such book which was thought provoking for me. No one has inspired me really to write. My inspiration has always been my readers.
Q. Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day to you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)?
I write on my laptop. If a thought clicks, I write down in notepad of my mobile and then work on it later when I feel the need of it. There are no fixed hours I devote. If I do so, there is no difference between me and a person working in an MNC. That’s the interesting part of taking creative field as full time career. Its not mandatory that I should write. But generally I complete one script in around 40 days excluding the pre work like deciding plot, characters and flow!
Q. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Also, What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?
The most surprising ability in me which I was not aware was threshold level of patience. Oh god, my girlfriend was sweet enough to handle all the mood swings earlier but with each book I became more patient and a better person in real life. When am not writing, I am watching some or other series on Netflix or Romedy now!
Q. Did you have any goals for the books when you wrote it — to get published, or just to finish, or bring up some new topic, etc.?
If I had, I would have struggled till date. Though I am still struggling but these struggles are not the ones which an aspiring writer goes through. I see a lot of new writers writing to me to give suggestions on how to become a bestseller or sell a lakh copies in a limited time frame. I don’t remember thinking something like that when my first book released. Probably, that’s the reason it worked. I had no clue what a bestseller is and it hardly bothered me. For me, getting noticed was a big achievement.
Q. What message would you like to convey to your readers, the young generation and aspiring writers/authors?
To readers: Keep reading our books and recommending them. I will try to entertain you with each book and deliver some positivity in you.
To young generation: Be yourself and don’t pretend. Love your family, chill with your friends and kick out the tensions from your life. Live like you are romancing with your girlfriend at weird hours.
To aspiring writers: Don’t think about the commercial aspects of publishing. Write because its your passion and don’t let publishers exploit you. In a rush to get published, don’t hand over your script to publishers who have no hold in the market and lure you with fake promises! Be patient enough to do justice to your work.
Aniruddha B.Pathak


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