The Last SURGE – A Tale of Relationships by Pramit Sarkar


Title: The Last SURGE – A Tale of Relationships

Name of Author: Pramit Sarkar

Place of Publication: Bijnor, India

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

Date of Publication: 11th May 2015

Number of Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 978-93-84382-05-6

Genre: Fiction

Cover Design by: Ammol Karambe

Edited by: Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi



“…the day we face each other, she will be sorry; sorry for rendering me emotionally impotent. And that will be my victory.”

Their blazing courtship was nearing marriage, before fate played its vicious card. Rimi dumped Gabriel and married the choice of her family but Gabriel decided to remain single.

Why did Rimi take such a drastic decision? How did Gabriel keep up his singlehood? Did they meet again or did fate succeed in keeping them apart? How does Sneha fit into the picture?

Crafted with the characteristic flavours of Bengal, THE LAST SURGE brings you the tale of an ace football player turned relationship counsellor and what made this protagonist a great brother, a greater father and an even greater romantic.



The very first thing I found attractive about the book was the “Character-Sketch” page. The story did not start abruptly leaving the readers to understand the relations about the characters…instead it was explained like they do in plays at the beginning. That is a novelty I haven’t come across.

The story was simple yet heart-touching. It had to be – for someone portrayed what the meaning of an eternal love is. Waiting for someone to return even after knowing that there is a nil possibility and surviving with a heavy heart full of loneliness is an arduous task. Having an encounter with the same person again after years doesn’t bring only the memories back but also some saline drops from one’s eyes. Some people give up on love for their dreams while some give up on their dreams but not on love. As much difficult as it seems, more strenuous it is to practice till the life-end.

Due to being surrounded by own self and the rantings about our own problems, what we fail to see are the problems and pressures our loved one face. We seem to be so involved in our own cuts that the scratches of the other becomes almost invisible. There are two sides to a coin, after all. Now, because we aren’t born with the superpowers to see inside one’s heart or mind, communication – without letting anger overpower our sense of judgement and rationality – becomes very important.

I had known that – the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence – is what people believe in. And so we can’t quite know what harsh instances might have occurred with others. But I now realise, that I had been unjust at times. The book preached me.

Every little thing is described in its finest detail.

The title of the book is ideal to the story.

The editing is well-polished. Also, the vocabulary used is mind-blowing.

As the story takes place in Kolkata, what better way than to show, on the cover, the famous Howrah Bridge built over the Hooghly River?

A lot of effort that has been put to make the book wonderful, is visible.

The book is worth read. And if you’re someone who eagerly extracts and learns from whatever it is, you got one more reason to go for it.

But if this is the very first time you’re reading something, you might not understand many words and a dictionary is important.


“…Not everyone is gifted with courage and more than often we tend to accept our fate, rather than attempt to write our own scripts.”

– Is the quote I happen to be in love with.


Cover Ratings- 4.5/5

Title Ratings- 4.3/5

Editing- 4.9/5

Story-line: 4.1/5

Overall Ratings: 4.4/5



Shivani Shah

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