Capital Coffee: Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (1st in Rose Gardner Mystery Series) by the Author – Denise Grover Swank

Rose Gardner, the 24 year old girl, living in a small town in
Arkansas named Henryetta, has never done anything against her Momma’s will.
Her Momma never allowed her to dance, to drink Beer, to eat Chinese, to get a dog,
to get a cell phone, to play in the rain, to fly in an airplane, to fly a kite,
to get a pedicure, to ride a convertible, to get a cable TV, etc. etc. …
and being good hearted and polite, she always followed without a tint of anger.
Yet, the old lady never stopped commanding, bossing on her
and continuously scolding her.
But this all started when, She Saw Herself Dead!
Yes! She was blessed/cursed (whatever you consider) with – The Sight. Though, all her Visions till
date were restricted to others and never herself. But this strange afternoon at
DMV, that happened.
The next day, for the very first time, she had an argument
with her Momma. So, after visiting the library, she went to the park for a bit
of fresh air. That is when, on the back of a Walmart Receipt, she wrote her
Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes that she wanted to 
On the same evening, her Momma was murdered with a rolling pin,
which Rose had kept after baking apple pies.
The prime suspect in the case, in the killing of her Momma,
is considered none other than Rose Annie Gardner because the neighbours had
heard her shouting on her mother during the quarrel.
On the evening of murder, Joe McAllister, the new next door
neighbour, though being in the house all along, didn’t hear any screams of the
He helps Rose in calling the police, in fixing of new lock on
the door when someone breaks in, chasing the person till the street end and
even with her List of Wishes, but denies to go to police for any kind of
statement. That’s when we start to have a doubt on him.
There’s so much more to the story, like her Daddy’s truth, her Make-Over by her aunt, the property dealings
– the will her Momma left to Violet, Rose’s elder sister who’s married and has got
two kids, the affectionate letter her Momma left for Rose; which brings tears
in the eyes of an ‘emotional’ person, (Yup, I’m one) a little action sequence and the timid girl turn into a brave one!
This mystery novel keeps you engrossed till the very end,
leaving you craved to read more.
When the secret unfolds at last, it will leave you baffled because
you would have never thought it would turn out that way!
Plus, now that you’ve read the first book from the series,
you would be wanting to read all the other 8 of them.
Marvellous work by Denise Swank.
Descriptive yet To the point with a good vocabulary.
A hot chocolate, cold weather and a mystery book! What else
do you need?
Grab your copies now!
4 Stars out of 5!


Shivani Shah


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