Capital Coffee: The Real Mission by Pooja A.H.

Here’s my take on The Real Mission authored by Pooja A.H.

Title: The Real Mission
Author: Pooja A. H.
Place of Publication: Chennai, India
Publisher: Notion Press
Date of Publication: 30th January 2015
Number of Pages: 154
ISBN: 978-93-84878-38-2
Genre: Young Adult Family Drama

Pooja A. H. is a 16-year old student of Bala Vidya Mandir. This is the debut book of the author who is also an avid reader, speaker, quizzer, science and tech enthusiast and an aspiring social entrepreneur whose main focus is on sustainable development.


Karan was a handsome young professional closed-circuit racer and three times National Champion, whose only love and mission was biking. A loner he was, with no friends by his side – in sharp contrast to his social butterfly-like brother, Sandheep. Their sisters, Karuna and Sandhana, lived a life of their own. All four never mingled.

Sandheep was the first one to realise this flaw in their family and started to fix their broken relationship. However, they were faced with a sudden challenge, which was a big blow. Did they overcome it? Did they find their real mission?


In these days of technology and show-off, we’ve forgotten what it is like to spend time with family. We know what happened in the neighbourhood more than we know what happened at our home today. Being so busy in our own lives we don’t have enough time for our parents, grandparents or siblings. We are clearly becoming irresponsible towards everything. This is the scenario in 8 out of every 10 houses.

We ought to remember that family is what stays when everyone else leaves. This is the basic idea behind the book. The book is tiny and can be finished in one sitting. With all the emotions like anger, calmness, disrespectfulness, neglect, love and affection, hurt, guilt and remorse, the book is simple yet a lot has been described in it. This would make you love your family a little more and perhaps, respect, too.

This book is a family read. Everyone in the family can gain at least a little out of it.

Although, it inculcates some values, the book could have been better, more gripping. Sometimes while reading it, one might feel slight bored because of some sentences that are unnecessary. There are a few sentences that could have been avoided.

The editing is proper. The cover of the book suits the content but I, personally, would have preferred if it depicted all and not Karan only.

The title goes well with the story of the book explaining what the real mission of life should be.

“But what seems is not what is,

You think you do what is right

All the time, but right is not what it is

‘Cause no one knows what’s left, when it’s all right!”


Cover ratings- 3.8/5

Title ratings- 4.2/5

Editing- 4.5/5

Storyline- 3.6/5

Overall ratings- 3.8/5


Shivani Shah

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