Capital Coffee: The Evil Eye And The Charm By Neil D’Silva!

Here’s my review on The Evil Eye And The Charm By Author Neil D’Silva, which is a collection of 3 short stories that revolve around the Hero of all the stories-

The nimboo-mirchi charm


Here I begin.


A Grave Situation brings you an unpredictable and satirical story.

It revolves around four characters—Aniket, his wife Arundhati, their daughter and Arundhati’s grandaunt-Geeta.

The story begins on a note of satire, with several punches which make you think towards the mentality of the elder generation.

For example, this line:
Villages, as you know, are places where ghosts of all shapes and sizes are found in abundance.”

The story unveils many other satirical statements and sarcasms as well, with the read. It holds a touch of Human psychology too, which we experience it when Aniket is standing near the cemetery.

Also, the story isn’t predictable at all. You start at one point, and end on a totally different point, an unexpected one, with your eyes wide and jaw dropped.


Last juice is the story that revolves around a religion struck mother, and her NRI son.

Alike all the other NRIs that we see around us, this boy too denies the religious perspectives that his mother follows in her daily chores.

He with the flow, decides to challenge the nimboo-mirchi charm, and feels outrageous towards it.

Here, I won’t reveal the consequences, as it would end the essence of the story. Yet again, expect the unexpected here too!


Chain Reaction is the most favorite of mine of this anthology.

It unpacks all the horror that one can read in a short story! The Author knows how to play with the description, indeed. The story starts with a parent duo leaving their son behind in the premises accidently. The son supposedly grabs a limboo-mirchi, and is warned by a roadside beggar to face the consequences. Ignoring those warnings really prove the parent duo to suffer—till the end. The end here is unpredictable to the readers, and you are glued to the story until you finish it!

The Author has acquired the power of his weapon—the Pen, and has used it to glue the reader to the story till the end. It raises a question in your mind-against this superstitious beliefs, keeping the thrill in the stories intact.

All the stories pack a fusion of village/vintage life and urban life. Plus, all the stories has the element—Horror.

4.75/5 Stars from my side.

Now talking about my personal take on this:-

The Grave Situation is the story that left me awestruck for sure.

Though I could predict the ends of the other two stories from the initial lines; that made me help to read the story faster, yes, but it decreased my passion towards it. Maybe because I have been reading Horror/Supernatural stories ONLY since my childhood, and may vary with other readers.

All in all, I had a great experience with the book!

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