Capital Coffee: The City Of Bones By Cassandra Clare!

Review on the book “The city of bones” , The first book in the ” The Mortal Elements”  series – now a major movie.
Written by Cassandra Clare.

The story is about a simple fifteen year old girl named Clarrisa who finds herself admist shadow hunters , werewolves and other creatures of the mystical world after her mother is kidnapped and their house destroyed.

The author beautifully depicts the emotions  and adventures of the 15 year old as she goes on her quest to find the Mortal Cup that had become the reason if her nemesis  and whose location is hidden somewhere in her memories.

Urban fantasy being the major genre of the story, the reader will find a tinge of young budding love between Clary (Clarissa) and Jace Wayland who is later revealed to be his brother.

A normal mysterious story at first will take you on a journey of unpredictable plot twists. When the villian turns out to be the father, when love turns out to be family , when a friend doesn’t want to be only a friend and when the only person you trust shows betrayal.
My favourite character was Jace Wayland who happens to be the male protagonist, his antics will make you fall for the likes of him.

The book ends perfectly as the quest for the Mortal Cup ends but the future of the young love still uncertain and some questions unanswered, increasing the anticipation in the reader to read the next book in the series which is ” City of Ashes “.

4 Out Of 5 Stars From My Side.

Overall, the book is worth a read and the author deserves appreciation for the piece.
Reading the book before watching the movie is recommended as the movie has cut short the story to make it watch worthy and within needed time.

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