Capital Coffee: Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi!

Here’s my take on Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi
Go lingerie – shopping with him. Pass out drunk with her on the same bed. Cry on his shoulder when you break up. Bore her with football talk at 3 a.m. Ask him for advice on how to keep your boyfriend ‘happy’. Watch a cheesy movie with her and cry freely. Ask him to rate your butt. Dance with her in your boxers. But never, ever kiss your best friend. In this sequel to the bestselling Just Friends, find out what happens when headstrong and impulsive Tanie Brar meets her equally crazy best friend Sumer Singh Dhillon after five long years of separation. Heart-warming and poignant, Never Kiss Your Best Friend redefines the rules of friendship with its story of a boy and a girl who are soulmates in every sense.
Salient Features:
  • A contemporary story that the youth can relate to
  • Will take readers back to all the crazy things they did in their school and college days
  • Sequel to a very popular novel, Just Friends
It’s a story of two youngsters, Tanie and Sumer, who after meeting in the prequel to this book had become best friends, rather fell in Love. The story’s main ground has three locations:-Chandigarh (their hometown and school), Delhi (college) and finally Mumbai (where they meet five years later).
Tanie is shown as a smart and vivacious, hormonally charged girl whereas Sumer a passionate film-maker. It starts with how they met after 5years of separation and then to know that they kissed or what else they did, you need to read the book. The story then eventually takes us to the flashback where their friendship, fights, losses and profits in relationships is described. How they confessed, fought, felt jealous, traced plans, cried, got hurt, healed each other.
He smiled, She smiled, Problem Solved – this quote has its own cuteness.
Some really good quotes about life that I found good are:
  • Listen life, there is a difference between a pleasant surprise and a disturbing shock.Please get your definitions right.
  •  Some memories never die. They just fade into time. And when they come knocking at the door ofreality again, you strangely wish they continued to be a distant dream.
Above were some of my favorite, but there are many more like this. A teenager like me can completely relate to those.
The best part which a reader could feel is the Climax. It’s unexpected, Fabulous, Magical or whatever we say out of pure essence – it is that.
An Expect the unexpected read.
3.5/5 stars from my side.
The plot is nowhere a rocket science. Just a simple story of love as the tittle suggests, which redefines the meaning of friendship. It proves that yes, Friendship is the mile stone for love. If you are expecting to read something extraordinary or out of the way book then better don’t go for this one, but if you are a hopeless romantic, Emotional and can relate to lot of teenage romance then just go for it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The author has a way with words. His words are simple-relatable-witty-funny altogether a Chota packet bada dhamaka.
This book will also help you to dwell the memories of your old times which you are unable to cherish in your busy scheduled. This can drag you away from the time and bring you back the golden memories you had in college and school days. And it also has the stay-away-from-drugs message passed on through the final letter that Sumer writes to Tanie. Thus, giving a social message.
Lastly, this can be great weekend serve; it can increase the charisma of your book shelf.
Niharika Mishra

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