Capital Coffee: Life After Death and Modern Day Miracles by James Cook!

Here is my take on Life After Death and Modern Day Miracles
by Author James Cook. The books packs over 50 TRUE tales of: evidence of life
after death; Eucharistic miracles; Angelic visitations; near death experiences.
Though the title suggests life after death, those are not
any horror or rebirth stories. The books provides you real life stories. Here’s
a section wise review:


  • Life After Death:


Life after death—consists of the experiences of people who
had had near death experiences. The survivors then narrate their experiences.
The experiences are from around the world, where the victims claim to see their
God after returning from death. There are many mini life after death stories
amidst the paragraphs, which provide you more of the experiences in short words.
Like the author states:
“In this section you’ll find firsthand accounts of those who
have died and come back to tell their story.”
The experiences are narrated in a good way, and you do face
some awe elements while reading.


  • Modern Day Miracles:


Modern day miracles—revolve around the miracles that had
happened around the world. May those be curing of the incurable diseases, or
related to encounters with God and the rituals. Some experiences that author
narrate, give you Goosebumps and increase your curiosity towards that
particular topic which you are reading. Such events have no exact explanation
of why and how it happened; hence those events are termed as miracles. Alike
the other sections, this section too empowers mini miracle stories in between
the paragraph of stories.
Like the author states:
“Events labelled miracles can be attributed to a
supernatural being, to a god, a spirit, and energy.”
That’s how the stories read—supernatural and miraculous.


  • Eucharistic Miracles:


“During a Catholic mass there is a ritual known as
communion, where unleavened bread and wine is given to the congregation. It’s a
simulation and remembrance of the Last Supper, and the bread represents the
body of Christ, while the wine represents his blood. This ritual is known as
the Eucharist, and over the centuries many miracles have been associated with
—States the author.
As mentioned above, this section empowers miracles that
bear communion, some of which leave you awestruck. This section—also—provides
you mini Eucharistic Miracles in between the reads.


  •  Angelic Visions:


This section features two stories of Angelic visions, and
few mini Angelic vision stories too. The people who had experienced the
encounter with Angels, narrate their story of how the force felt to them,
and how the angels looked. Not much stories does this section feature, still,
it is a good read.


3.5 Out Of 5 Stars From My Side. 


Though the stories are real, sometimes it felt like I was
reading some essay type composition, which forced to read the stories
just for reading sake. The awe elements—though some, are not that powerful to
glue you to the book. The author has conducted his study pretty good, and has
compiled the stories in a proper sequence.
Also, I would like to mention that the mini tales that jump
in between the paragraphs of the stories, makes you lose the flow of the
continuous read, and distracts you from the story that you were reading, which
left me annoyed sometimes. It is a good read though, and pretty enhancing if you are a lover of the other side of this living world.
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