Capital Coffee: Kissing Circles by Nitin Tiwari!

Here’s my take on The Kissing Circles by Nitin Tiwari



In 2007, at the height of the Global IT boom, Manoj Bansal and Rajesh Pandey, two newly-released prisoners of Engineering with mediocre grades and a looming IT future, set out for Trivandrum for their Corporate Learning Programme (CLP). Torn between their past miscues and topical aspirations, they hope to find their true calling. Whilst in a confused, depression ridden transitory phase, they soon run into their fellow trainee, Adish Matthew – a Malayali Computer engineer, and a village simpleton Mutthur Sankunni – the no-hope skipper of Maruthi Vallam, gearing up for the annual Vallamkali.
Bound by a common thread of mediocrity, they shun the modern world’s great expectations and take off on a spree to discover the tranquility of the God’s own country. Until one day…when a Tsunami of mishaps rocks their life, impelling them to join hands and transfigure into the four kissing circles, fighting the most irrelevant battle of our times:
To be or not to be, extraordinary.


The book, Kissing Circles, speaks about the life of college, hostel, work, love, and friendship altogether.

When I picked up the book to read, I was quite delighted with the prolific usage of vocabulary and dialogues. The plot seemed breezy too, but then the portrayal of Hinglish didn’t work for me and put me off the read instead. The multiple POVs turned out well, but for me (personally), the connection with the book didn’t build up at all.

The book has some humorous takes and manages to make one laugh, and that’s a vital point. The author has done justice to the plot and the characters.

3/5 stars from my side.

Though there are noticeable grammar mistakes that may irk a reader like me, the book does serve a decent and refereshing read. The description of state of Kerala is written in an enthralling way. Kudos to the author for writing multiple sequences thoughtfully and giving the readers a different read.

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