Capital Coffee: If It’s Not Love By Syed Arshad!

Review of “If it’s not love” by Syed Arshad.

Genre:Fiction or Novels
Pages: 161
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-93-83271-76-4 

Ever met someone who had given a new meaning to your life ? Most of us have. They might be with you forever or have left you at some point , but their names are craved in gold in your heart. Everytime you hear their name or think about them, a smile creeps onto your lips or a tear escapes your lids. Well, that’s the idea of this story.
The story is about Aarav Khanna , a Fashion Designer from NIFT who works at a call centre because of certain circumstances. He has a girlfriend , a good friend at work , a contend life , a handsome face and a job, enough for a guy to be happy with.  And then he meets Ada Maciel, a Mechanical engineering student , a preplanned online friendship from the Metrogirl’s (Ada) side brings them close and soon enough they become friends.
The story goes on with their nurturing friendship and then caring for each other. Aarav’s confusion about his feelings, the ups and downs in his office friend’s life, Ada’s presence, Aarav’s own life and last but not the least , his girlfriend are the things that make up the entire book. The book ends after a time leap of 25 years, its almost like the narrator describing Aarav’s story from the past.
The story ends on a beautiful note and it probably must be one of the most beautiful endings.
It also teaches us an important lesson, “When something you dreadfully need is within your reach , then grab it as soon as you can because You never know when you will be late to do so.”

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

The story doesn’t have that sort of spark which readers expect from love stories .

The SMS language used in the book to state the chats between Ada and Aarav might be inconvenient for many a lot people who are admirers of the English language itself.

Minor but errors in editing.
Mention of some facts in normal conversation which the reader cannot relate to because of lack of total information.
The author leaves the readers curious and hanging when he doesn’t state anything about Aarav’s life after 25 years.

Catchy Quotes –
* You lie like the gas meter.
*Rolled tears often reduce the pain.
*Mini skirts always bring a smile on boys’ face, regardless of their situation.
*When you are not around, all I think about is.. You, your talks, your smiles.. Like it adds a meaning to every beat of my heart. I wait all day for the beautiful evening that brings you here and I just don’t know .. Why ?

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini.

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