Capital Coffee: #IAm16ICanRape – The War AGAINST The Rape Culture A Psychological Thriller by Kirtida Gautam!

Title: #IAm16ICanRape
Author: Kirtida Gautam
Publisher: Read Out Loud Publishing LLP
Date of Publication: May 18, 2015
Number of Pages: 593 Pages
ISBN-10: 8193136020
ISBN-13: 9788193136027
Genre: Psychological Thriller
To destroy great EVIL, GOOD has to shed tears of blood.
Rudransh Kashyap is a self-made billionaire and man of high moral fiber. His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16-year-old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape. It is easy to say, “Kill the Rapist” but what if the accused is your child?
This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush’s identity is made public on social media. Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush, to save him and to bring him back home… But what if the unthinkable is true? Can Rudransh save his grandson, or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether?
The story revolves around a 16 year old kid, who is
not a kid! Aarush Kashyap, the grandson of the self-made billionaire, Rudransh
Kashyap, has been accused of Rape, a heinous crime.
Being best at his mind games and tactics, he has an IQ
level of a Genius. Composing a story – Grade A++.But behind the curtains, he’s
the guy with sweet talks, cute antics and a dimpled face. He can make any girl
fall for him within minutes.



As read, The sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets.
There is this dark side of him no one is aware of. Not even his Bob(Rudransh).
Anyone doing anything out of love for him is stupidiotic in his view.
Shubhangi Tyagi, the survivor,
the rape victim, will turn out to be your Role Model once you’re done with the
novel. We need more brave souls like her. She isn’t afraid to say it out loud,
to present herself in front of people and giving them the courage to speak up
against rape. Broken in physical with a mended soul, a heroic lady with
unblemished thoughts. That is what she is!



Most difficult part for a
parent is to see his/her child accused of something and still fight for justice
no matter who is the innocent one in this game for two.



Juvenile laws being too weak,
the perpetrators below 18 roam with liberty in the country without any fear. An
year or 2, 3, 4 or 5 years at Rehabilitation is not the answer. A crime demands
punishment. The age shouldn’t be an excuse. That is what Rudransh Kashyap
believes too and to change the laws, he can go to any extents. Therefore, the
Ultimate Hero here is him.



The book takes you on a
roller coaster ride with lot of ups and downs in the plot which makes you
squirm in your chair. It sees beyond the perspective of rape, leaving you
speechless. For the people who love psychology, it’s an absolute treat. For the
ones who loathe it, you might feel a little lost at the ending.



There’s this fabulous line
in the novel that says, 
She did not get raped because she was courageous. She
was raped because he was fearless.
Quoting my favourite lines
though –



It might seem that rape is
a feminist issue. It is not. It is a battle for masculine which females are
forced to fight against.





As well, what the lines on
the cover read –



If he was ADULT enough to
rape, he is
adult ENOUGH to be punished



Definitely a page-turner.



This should certainly be in
your list of, “Books to read before I die.”





4.9 out of 5 stars from my





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