Capital Coffee: I Love You & Your Sister by Akshat Shah!

Here’s my take on I Love You & Your Sister by Akshat Shah
Title: I Love You & Your Sister
Author: Akshat Shah
Place of Publication: Ludhiana, India
Publisher: Petals Publishers
Date of Publication: January 2016
Number of Pages: 226
ISBN -13: 978-93-85440-13-7
Genre: Romance Fiction
Akshat Shah, recently a standard 12th student, resides in Kota, Rajasthan, the hub of IIT exam preparation coaching centres preparing for the nearing board exams and simultaneously brainstorming for his novel two. Akshat finds leisure in poetry, dance and music. You can write to him at
From the pile of screwed engineering aspirants and debutant in the writing sphere, Akshat Shah serves you hot, the bollywoodishly romantic magnification of unrequited love. Garvit, living joyously a life of a well-with-academics teenager, loses contact with his first crush and Aphrodite’s blessing from in the family, Akshita. After feeling for her for half a decade, that in her absence, he finally captures a shot to catch her eye in his cousin’s wedding. Taking care of each move he makes and assisted well by rollicking cousins, he attempts a step right into the heart.Craziness resides well in hearts of lovers. How he and his mates – Abhinav, Waseem and Harleen, rumble and fumble to get her to him when she almost sacrifices all the feelings for her parents bakes the sweet and sour tale to make you love, laugh and feel the thrill…
After all the quotes we read on love, expectations and hurt, we believe not expecting anything from anyone is the solution. Ask a mother, she expects. She does and there’s no denying. Sometimes you address the act, sometimes you’re unaware of it.
But whom to ask for to take care of if it is one sided love. No one. You feel exhausted playing puppet because you try to be everything they want in life in order to be someone they expect.
Rightly portrayed in the book, patience is what is needed. Waiting for his love to be his for years now, Garvit strives hard and hits the right note in the end. Deep bond of friendship between Abhinav, Waseem and Garvit and Harleen’s support in making things right to bring Akshita by Garvit’s side keeps you indulged in the story.
Just as the blurb says, Bollywood-ishly romantic. You don’t and won’t see such romantics and stunts pulled in real life, almost never.
The narration of the story is quite simple with a some errors of repetition of the words like, Same, Or, Only.
The words in the sentences may seem dislocated at times but not to the extent of making you disinterested.
Cover: Ratings 2/5

The cover seems dull in its colour. It gives you a scent of doubt that is absolutely not related to it.

Title: Ratings 3.5/5

The typing error on the cover pulls the point down. The font is lovely. The meaning of the title is a bit humorous and you realize that in the later part.

A few grammatical errors here and there needed a re-check but the editing seems okay.
“Jaa rahi ho?”
3.5/5 stars from  my side.
Shivani Shah.

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