Capital Coffee: Fire. Wings and Claws by Kiran Damera!

Here’s my take on Fire, Wings and Claws by Kiran Damera


About the Book

ISBN 9789385523977
Category Fiction and Literature
Language English
Edition First
Published in 2016
Publisher Kiwi Books
Condition Brand New
Pages 170


Meet Ian Rogers and Drake Williams of the Broadway County, your quintessential, typical American kids on a ride worth of the mighty life itself. Travel through the first installment of the series through the land of Scyrin dwelled by the wise elves, diligent dwarfs and the generous men. Witness the kids confront their destiny deep in the ruins of Schweringard, facing a mortal threat larger than that for their age, for their secret friend remains the king of all- the Scarlet dragon.

About the Author

Born on 21st March 1995, the author Kiran Damera draws inspiration from books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. His first half written book on the topic of vampires was at the age of 9. A resident of Hyderabad, Damera likes crafting business plans and is currently a student of automotive engineering at MIT Manipal.


Talking about the cover of the book, the cover pretty much does a decent job telling you the essence of the book. It shows it all – the wings, the fire, and the claws. 4/5 for the cover of the book. 

The story is about an enthusiastic and mischievous 12 year old Ian Rogers, who, with his friend Drake Williams, sets of for an unexpected and enthralling journey – in the world of fantasy – in Scyrin. Soon they are included in the land’s warfare and politics of that land. Ian is then found as the one who can save the land from the evil Carloth, a perfectly portrayed villain of the story. To know what are the things that interlink the world of elves, dwarfs and variety of dragons with the storyline, you got to the read the book.

Coming to the storytelling and narration, the writing style is good but the flow keeps on breaking gradually. The plot is also good for a fantasy, but the errors in the story makes the read quite disappointing – at least for the people of my age or above.

The villain of the story is portrayed pretty well, and the characters also add a significant effect. Also, the dragons! Those are everywhere and are amazing.

The editing of the book though is the down point of the story. The book feels like it’s badly edited/not edited at all, and can irk a reader. Also there are many grammatical/sentence framing errors which could be looked upon.

2.5/5 stars from my side for the effort put in writing, and for penning a good fantasy.

Overall, an average read for the teenagers, whereas for kids, it can prove to be an enjoyable read.


Aniruddha Pathak

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