Capital Coffee: 18 via Teen by Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon!


Title: 18 via Teen – Be Yourself

Author: Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon

Publisher: Dream House Publication

Number of Pages: 200 Pages

ISBN: 978-9384180652

Genre: Fiction (Children’s and Young Adult)

Category: Anthology

Editor: Anuj Shrivastava


’18 Via Teen- Be yourself’ the name says it all. It enumerates the various phases of a teen and the hopes, aspirations, apprehensions, ambiguity, insecurity, dilemma, restlessness and sensitiveness, associated with each phase. Each story vividly depicts the psychological aspects of a teenage girl/boy and how the intuition helps her/his to overcome the hurdles one after another, which in teen makes her/his matured.


As detailed in the book description, the book deals with almost all the problems and mental as well as physical break-down of the teenagers. The pressure from peers to choose certain field, the way a teenage mind handles it and how it destroys their as well as their parent’s life, the charm of falling in love the first time and getting one’s hearts broken, the grief of losing one’s folks, the anxiety of talking to your crush or letting them know your feelings, psychology of a teen, how much is the outer peace as well as peace of mind necessary…everything is depicted well in the book.

Although, I wish that the instances when a child without thinking of all the problems he/she will face, escapes his/her house and lands in trouble, instances of dealing with drugs, effect on a teen’s brain due to certain bad companions, not able to differentiate between right and wrong at times and falling prey of situations, worrying more about outer looks and not about the inner beauty, taking decisions in haste and anger, quarreling with parents and how should both the parties negotiate…issues like these should have also been included to make it more relatable.

The book seems helpful in many ways for teenagers to learn lessons of their life, only if they are ready to understand how important it is in life to grow, develop and be inclined towards the positive path. It is a beautiful way of showing how little-little things matter the most in life.

The editing is average. There are some grammatical errors and mistakes in the formation of sentences. Past tense and present tense are both used in a single chapter even though there is no flashback. That has to be noted.

The cover is cute.

The title is suitably chosen.

I liked some quotes of which 2 are mentioned below:

“Words are what you say, but what you say can show who you really are.”

“When it is clear that you don’t feel the same way for me…the problem is that as much as I can’t force you to love me, I can’t force myself to stop loving me.”


Cover Ratings – 3.8/5

Title Ratings – 4/5

Editing – 3.2/5

Story-line – 3.8/5

Overall Ratings – 3.7/5


Shivani Shah


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