Brew Break: Short Stories with a Twist by Destination Infinity!

Here’s my take on Short Stories with a Twist by Destination Infinity

‘Short Stories with a Twist’ is an anthology that contains eleven of the author’s favorite short stories, written by himself. These are author’s favorite stories selected from more than 60 short stories written and published on his blog. He likes to give an unexpected ending in each, and hopes the reader will be surprised by it.
The book is short and can be finished within a couple of hours – it is perfect for a quick coffee break, evening or weekend read. This selection is set in India and has been written in simple English that anyone across the world can follow easily. This book is not for kids – it is meant to be read by young adults, new adults and adults.
The author has also published a novella – ‘The Archers Revenge’, and a non fiction book – ‘India: 55 Must See Places & 50 Must Do Things’, earlier.


Short Stories with a Twist is a collection of short stories authored by Rajesh K under the alias of Destination Infinity.

The stories are short as mentioned, compiling a total of 11 stories altogether.

Each story has a sudden twist in the end, which are somewhat unpredictable for the readers. The stories are crispy and immensely packed with storylines though being short. Each story has its own essence, being ended with a twist. The author nicely manages to intrigue the readers. Kudos to him for that.

3.5/5 stars from my side.

The drawbacks of this collection would be the pace of storytelling. With quick changes intact amidst the reads, some of the stories go slow in between where it is felt as stretched for no reason. A minor typo in one of the stories as well can’t be missed out. I did have confusion while reading some stories where I was unable to grasp the end as it failed to portray properly.

Special mentions for the stories – The woodcutter and his axe (Remixed) and Two Engineers.
All in all, it can be counted as a coffee-break and travel time read. The read is enjoyable, indeed.

Aniruddha B.Pathak


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