Brew Break: Panorama by Shilpi Chaklanobis!

Here’s my take on Panorama – A Collection of Short stories by Shilpi Chaklanobis

Panorama cover

An anthology of 15 short stories, Panorama reflects what we may call life.
The stories are heart touching and touch every aspect of truth.
Each story has a different person to know and a different life to express.
Story 1: Wok, reflects the clutches of poverty on the life of a widow and her innocent child.

Story 2: Peanut, explains the pure love from the heart of an animal for his human friend.

Story 3: The Thirst, tells about a daughter and her pain .

Story 4: Selective Secularism, tells about the way our lives changes from a close encounter of death.

Story 5: Bribe, A man who realises that a child is more dear to her mother than anyone else.

Story 6: Forever, The story explains that “forever” is just a word, living the word is a to formidable task.

Story 7: The Wait, It’s about a woman with hopes and the game that fate plays with her.

Story 8: The Second Tsunami, A story about two scattered little lives . This happens to be personal favourite story in the entire book.

Story 9: The Example, it says that all our achievements are fruitless and bear no satisfaction if it never did any well to anyone except us.

Story 10: The Meeting, tells how people change over the course of time.

Story 11: Mirage, a little girl’s hero, her father, turns out to be a mirage after which she had been running her whole life.

Story 12: Destiny, when you witness death with your owns eyes, you start believing in it.

Story 13: The Untimely Death, it’s about how times changes leading to change in situations.

Story 14: Before it’s too Late, another story about change, just wrote in another set with another circumstance.

Story 15: The Sealed Wish, it’s a truth that life provides us with what we yearn, but in quite an unpleasant way and that’s what the story is about.

The stories would be relatable to those who have ever felt the same. The book might not change your life but it will change the way you look at it.
The book is written in good language and can be read with ease.

Ratings- 3.8 out of 5 stars.

The book has minor errors in editing but the stories are worth the gamble.

A must read if you want to read something that’s valuable.

Poverty is like a leech. It doesn’t kill you, but sucks your blood to the extent that you stop living.

Dust can only cover your memories for sometime but the feelings that lay behind beneath them remain the same, forever.

The beauty of life lies in it’s motion.

You have to catch the spring before it’s too late. You cannot expect the freshness and aroma from a flower after it haa dried.

A dried flower ceases to spread fragrance.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini


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