The Winner Stands Alone

In 'The Winner Stands Alone', Paulo Coelho expresses his utter contempt for the natural working order of the world. The story is based on one day at the Cannes Film Festival. He explores the completely shallow lifestyles of the 'superclass'; the class of rich, dwindling, botox-fed rich people. On the contrary, he also expresses his contempt for 'the other' class which includes people earning average wages or less.

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Aniruddha Pathak

The Muggle CEO

When Aniruddha is not working on the ventures, he keeps ducking the spells of all the Potterheads in his team. However, the PotterPuff girls do hold an upper hand, as every debate that happens, ends with Aniruddha being defeated with Expelliarmus. An amusing fact: He has a scar similar to Harry Potter’s on his forehead.

Urvashi Deshpande

The Ra‘vend’claw

When she’s not Hermione Granger, she spends her time casting Marketing spells for us. However, she never gets out of her Hogwarts Express, which kind of makes us wonder if she really is a Witch of the Wizarding world.
Urvashi takes great interest in reading the Classics, alongside learning various languages of the globe.

Diwyani Gohe

The Compassionate Adult.

Just like one of her favorite reads: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Diwyani writes an imaginary log: Diary of a Compassionate Adult. Primarily, she reads Indian novels and has also been a religious WattPader for quite a long time.
Adding furthur, she is a Potterhead; where Diwyani, Urvashi, and Mansi make The PotterPuff Girls!

Mansi Verma

The Peeta Marketark

If you ask Mansi about her favorite books, she won’t miss telling you that she’s a fan of Hunger Games, and would love to play it too, under only one condition: the rules must involve food and only food. A sparkling addition to our squad, she too follows the path of the Potter World, and also takes interest in Internationally acclaimed books.








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